James Wright 🔑 @james

Just finished upgrading my instance to v1.4.1. 🤓



@Behuman Yeah, you can have custom domains with Medium. It's a minimalistic design --check out my blog if you want to see an example.

👉 sudojames.com/

😐 This dubious legislation for offensive security is unethical and dangerous for private sector networks. You can't "retrieve stolen files from hackers". The word they are looking for is "destroy". This bill would promote widespread information system disruptions that are difficult to contain.


@Behuman I've tried a few and landed on Medium. It's a nice interface and easy to integrate with a custom domain (SSL is a one-time $75 cost). Medium is ad-free and cross promotes stories.

Microsoft now mostly on Git. Should I tell my bosses that even Microsoft doesnt want to use TFS? ☺


@Alamantus Which languages are involved? Just curious.

✍️My piece for Tripwire: The State of Security, on internet and why the Federal Communications Commission should protect access to this vital resource. 💾


Achievement Unlocked: took two kids and an ignoramus greyhound for ice cream, *after* bedtime, with zero casualties. #DadOps

👉Interesting Wall Street Journal piece arguing that all IT jobs are jobs. . 🔐 Everyone needs to understand how to use the technology they rely on safely.


@Behuman @Gargron Who do you plan to have on the instance you want to setup? A single one? Or open?

@acw @Admin Having your own instance based on an open source project is what makes so neat. I use scalingo.com for my instance- where are you planning to host yours?

I wrote a TCP/IPv4 network stack sniffing/mangling library in Python3. It overloads python dicts to work, which makes parsing and editing packets very elegant. Check it out here, it's GPL'd:

15:01 on Saturday May 20th, over the North Atlantic Ocean

@aral How has it been for you running on a single instance?

@desikn @aral I think a lot of FOSS projects fail to gain momentum because of a disregard for UX. Hopefully I'm doing a better job of it.