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Try to run:
'sudo systemctl stop mastodon-*.service'

then maybe try:

'bundle exec sidekiq -q default -q push -q pull -q mailers'

What happens?

unfollow if you are a fake account

CAT: I'm huuuuuungry

ALSO CAT: Thanks for going out at 10:00PM and buying me food, but I'm not hungry anymore.

@keezee @Admin What production guide are you using? :-) maybe you're missing a couple steps.

@keezee @Admin It looks like nginx/1.10.0 (Ubuntu) is throwing a 404 error with your images, maybe the perms are not correct? Or you're missing the directory?


@keezee @Admin Is your SMTP relay setup? That will allow you to confirm the user.

Otherwise run:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails mastodon:confirm_email USER_EMAIL=new_usr_fullemail.com

Then you will run:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails mastodon:make_admin USERNAME=just_usr_name

to make the usr an admin on the instance.

@keezee @Admin I don't have mine to send- as it would have all my production connection secrets. 😺

Rate of engagement on...

Facebook: 2%
Twitter: 10%
Mastodon: 70%

Twitter responded much more to my statuses than Facebook, but Mastodon is basically spoiling me rotten.

@Admin @keezee If you don't have that file, then you need to create it by using the example provided.

Run: mv .env.production.sample .env.production

That will re-name the file... then vi to edit the values you want in it.

@keezee @Admin So, when you installed by Docker, did you set everything in the .env.production file before deployment? :-)

Hello @keezee, Mastodon runs in memory and can leverage AWS S3 data buckets for user media content. The database retains your instance's data. While your web and worker processes are specified in your deployment files. 😀 Are you spinning up a VM from scratch? Or using a container type service?

If anyone needs help setting up a #Mastodon instance, send me a message. After a lot of trial and error getting an instance to work while hosting locally - it's time to give back 🤓

@natanji This is a great feature to know about, thank you for sharing it. 😎

PSA: If you are in the web view of a remote instance of some user or toot, you cannot directly reply/boost/fav.

But you can copypaste the URL into your local Mastodon server's "Search" field, then it allows you to interact!

Wasn't obvious to me, so maybe boost this if it helped you. :)

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