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💾 It's time! Install this latest Apple update for your devices. Includes feature that calls emergency services while disabling biometric authentication and lots more!

👁 found in digitally signed products sold to banks, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and energy companies by NetSarang, Inc. Suspicious DNS queries yielded the discovery. 🔐

Are you watching your network traffic? 🤔


💾 arstechnica.com/information-te


🤖 ‪This is the indictment against Marcus Hutchins of Malware Tech Blog- arrested for distributing the C&C software of a banking Trojan called . Marcus was the security researcher who discovered the kill-switch to the .



Here are fireworks🎆: researchers 🔬 crack 1024-bit RSA Libgcrypt crypto library 🔏. CVE-2017-7526 effects GnuPG, Debian, and Ubuntu. Patch Libgcrypt to version 1.7.8. 💾


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📡 Open Whisper Systems releases new features in , an encrypted communications app. Changes revolve around safety numbers use. 🔏


‪🤔 is using vulnerability to spread through firewalls and WMIC / PSEXEC to move internally. No clicking required. ‬ 💾


‪I found this diskette coaster at a customer site today. 😂

I need four of these at home. ‬