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'And that's exactly why I knew from day one #ActivityPub isn't going to fix anything - this isn't a protocol problem - or even a technical problem. It's a social problem.'
- maiyannah (#postActiv)

@elizafox @chriswere sounds like #ActivityPub allows a much larger range of federated functions than #OStatus
@chriswere @elizafox doesn't #Mastodon already allow for selective federation with other servers? I hear it has implemented #ActivityPub
@bob @rbonifaz @sri that's great news (I presume). Does #ActivityPub include standards for federated !groups?
@rbonifaz @sri #ActivityPub is an attempt to provide all the features and benefits of #OStatus,, and #Diaspora's variant of OStatus

@sri I don't know, but it is something that #GNUSocial supports since the time it was named #Laconica.
What I don't know if groups are supported in #ActivityPub that is the protocol Mastodon uses for federation.
There is also #OStatus
I don't understund yet the differences (relationship?) between OStatus and ActivityPub

A lot of things to learn, but a fascinating world. I am happy :)

@rbonifaz @sri unless something changed in the last couple of months, #Mastodon uses #OStatus, not #ActivityPub, and doesn't support groups
@ajpz I was wondering if something like greater implementation of the draft #ActivityPub spec was increasing interconnections? See the map
Apparently the folks working on the #ActivityPub spec have asked for some formal feedback to inform a final version

@mykola ...So, is getting the #Mastodon 1.6 upgrade? I'm curious about this #ActivityPub stuff. πŸ˜„

@oxenfree @cybermeow @elizafox @cyberpotato @cajun @thatbrickster @lain @heluecht

Hi, I'm @mmn, maintainer of GNUsocial. I reacted when it was written that "many people on gnusocial are angry" and wish to say that !GNUsocial has only love and appreciation for #Mastodon and #ActivityPub.

I believe cooperation is important for libre software and the federated social web. I believe our plural and diverse community should embrace and encourage contributors and development. Any progress we want to make - regardless of anyone's preferred technology - is impeded by hostility and empowered by friendship.

So I want to say thank @cwebber @gargron et al. for all the hard work you actively put into ActivityPub. It's awesome that so many users get in touch with !fs via open protocols.

πŸ—£ Finished upgrading my instance to v1.6.0 πŸ’Ύ

I love the new features!

Thank you to all who contribute to this open-source social media project! πŸ…


Mastodon v1.6 is live!

β˜‘οΈ Easier sharing & discovering content across servers
β˜‘οΈ Improved first-time user experience
β˜‘οΈ Fresh new W3C standard #ActivityPub
β˜‘οΈ Better profiles & pinned toots

@jark @masoud
from what I've heard by following conversations, yes it's the plan to implement #activityPub in #mediaGoblin.

Also there is #hubzilla which might be of interest. It can read/write the most federated standarts and comes with a plugin system and cloud.
There is one plugin for #webtorrent (unfortunatly at the moment broken and not having the very highes priority)

the main thing what hubzilla is missing is a different UI

Question to #mastodon #ActivityPub devs. and others:

Are you following effort made at #matrix?
There is in this moment also effort to develope a blogging plattform.
Read more about that here:

Just wanted to point that out to you. Would be great dif. plattforms read/write to each other

❀and thank you all for what you do! ❀

Luke is the main dev behind, and you'll find him in this matrix chat room:

@usbhump Evan P's Status\.Net startup lost its funding. Around the same time, he was trying to get the developers of the underlying protocols that compose #OStatus to agree to make changes to their protocols to enable enhanced privacy. Among the organizations he was trying to motivate was Google, which had recently introduced #GPlus and was no long interested in the open web.

In a hurry to cut costs, he developed the software and protocol to be simpler to develop and cheaper to operate, and to offer some additional privacy built into the protocol. And also to be independent of the progress some of these protocols.

Pump was built with the idea that most federated networks would switch protocols to be compatible. That did not happen. But the hope is that its descendant #ActivityPub will unite the disparate networks.

@gargron Don't oversell AP. If you start to sound like a used car salesperson, people will become suspicious of your motives and the veracity of your claims.


I like your effort of creating the vibe of collaboration! :)

...but, still here comes critic:
You're pushing the focus in this toot to 2 protocols while there are more.
#ActivityPub is solving issues from #OStatus. this makes ppl more believe that in future it will be all around ActivityPub.

That's not very engaging for those working on 'other sides' for federated networks

#fediverse #federation

I'm hoping that Mastodon implementing #ActivityPub means that the UPDATE activity will allow us to EDIT OUT TOOTS!! I want this.

''I will be bringing #Zot nomadic identity to #ActivityPub - just as I brought it to #Diaspora and #OStatus (you probably didn't know that).
Other systems/platforms can choose to ignore it (as they currently do), but everything they require to process and deal with nomadic identity will be there for them to consume if they ever wish to join us in the 21st century.''

- mike

@tuttle @bob @gargron Federation and privacy _could_ work together. The problem with this and other #OStatus private messaging proposals (and the #ActivityPub proposal, from the little bit of reading I've done) is that privacy is an afterthought, cobbled onto something that was not designed with privacy in mind.

That said, I recently had to use Twitter DMs to convey a limited distribution message to someone on another instance that should have been possible to send from here. Some things don't need to be private forever, they just need to be reasonably sure that the intended recipient can read and act upon them before the contents become public. (That is about where Twitter / Facebook / $CENTRALIZED_SERVICE DMs are right now anyway. We all know that their admins and employees could be reading supposedly private messages anyway.)