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Whaaaaat, unlisted toots with hashtags in don't end up in the hashtag list thingy? Okay it makes sense, but I feel like toots by people I follow should end up in the hashtags regardless.

Also some indication of listed/unlisted on the toot would be good, because I can't be sure there's not actually a bug happening...


@angristan I'm trying to get Mastodon -> Twitter sync to work. But the og:image is really disturbing on Twitter..

Do you have any option to disable the meta tags? Or maybe any link-shortener that blocks the Twitter crawler?

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Ok resolved my issue with #mastodon upgrade, I had an old version of yarn. Had to upgrade it. Sorry for the noise and thanks for the boost 😉

Upgrading #Mastodon to 1.6.1 fails with:

$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile
Webpacker is installed 🎉
Using /home/mastodon/live/config/webpacker.yml file for setting up webpack paths
[Webpacker] Compiling assets
[Webpacker] Compilation Failed

ERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'run'

any idea why?


@natecull @Motoma *sigh* #mastodon keyboard navigation... I opened an issue on that some time ago (for mobile view, but it's really the same in the full web UI):

Je viens de configurer mon compte #Mastodon de secours. Pour être sûr de ne pas me perdre en cas di'incident sur le compte principal sur, merci d'ajouter :


Just configured my #Mastodon backup account. Please add it to be sure not losing anything in case of incident with the main account on
Thanks to add:


A la #DANE de #Lyon (Délégation Académique au Numérique Éducatif), nous étudions la possibilité de monter une instance #Mastodon à destination des établissements scolaires (élèves compris).

A ce titre, je souhaiterais rentrer en contact avec un admin d'instance pour poser quelques questions sur les faisables ou pas, les difficultés...

Bref si vous êtes admin d'un instance Mastodon, vous m'intéressez :) Merci !

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Hi @Gargron - please take a look at this new whitepaper I did on Twitter and Facebook malicious #bots. How many of these ideas I post for Facebook and Twitter to do, do you think we could implement on #Mastodon?

I think many of these suggestions might be worth considering implementing on #Mastodon first to show other sites how it can be done. Will post specifics in a reply here to you and the #Mastodev community


Perhaps these might apply and help the #Mastodon platform:

1. Having a Bot label on profiles of full bots

2. for highly automated API based accounts and to label posts done by API as "posted by a robot."

3. Having simple one-or-two click means for reporting bots to admins of instances

4. Some means of reporting instances that are malicious-bot infested and doing nothing about it so they can be blocked.


Current #Mastodon client state:

Things are starting to shape up nicely. Lots of things to clean up in the code, however, and many small details remain to be ironed out.