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#sonOne tried to get me to sign up for #Signal. But (1) I'd need a Google account to get the software; and (2) the service provider (yes, it is centralized) would require my cellphone number in order for me to get an account; (3) there's no chance that I could self-host my own server to displace the centralized provider. It #fail ed to meet my needs.

Okay, I am gonna say it: I am annoyed that my primary way of using #jabber is via #Conversations.

I love Conversations, by the way. And I also love #OMEMO. But I can't find a desktop client that properly supports it. Even #Gajim's plugin died on me a couple months ago.

I get all the stuff *I* like from #Signal, except I am still stuck on my phone.

Is there anyone familiar with #Signal from #openwhispersystems development on here? If so, any estimates on when the standalone desktop version will be released?

I'm an alpha tester for #signal #messenger on the desktop now. Already works flawlessly but could use a couple of more settings configurable.

Has anybody here ever written a #Signal bot? Have questions about the API.

Having to use a phone number for #Signal was one of the reasons I never used it; silly, since the no. is on my homepage, I know! Threema is not free software, sadly. The only benefit it has is that you can generate new IDs, which you then have to get to people via email or whatever. I might try this with a working SIM card I got for free for my iPad a long time ago.

πŸ“‘ Open Whisper Systems releases new features in , an encrypted communications app. Changes revolve around safety numbers use. πŸ”

Watch out when using #Signal on an adoptable storage SD card under #Android

It's possible to loose all data (your SMS/Signal texts) on each signal update.

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Breaking Signal: A Six-Month Journey

Markus Vervier and Jean-Philippe Aumasson have spent the past six months poking security holes in the end-to-end encryption protocol Signal, all on their free time. And they have been successful in privately disclosing what they consider more than a half-dozen flaws to Signal, most of which have been patched.


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